Healing With Horses & Art

Join the horses and myself for our monthly workshop where you can experience the healing power of the horses, art and ignite your own inner wisdom.

Connect  *  Recalibrate   *   Heal

Workshop Structure – Your Inner Herd Voice:
- Life getting you down? -> Learn how to clear your mind
- Stuck in a rut? -> Connect with the herd
- Frustrated and confused? -> Experience Equine energy mirror
- Blockage you cant get past? -> Remove blockages
- Feeling lazy and unmotivated? -> Heal sub-consciously & physically

Working in the unique outdoor arena space in Klapmuts, you will experience the healing power of The Herd. Their natural equine ability to mirror and transform your blockages, combined with a hands-on artistic expression will guide you to a greater understanding of how to handle aspects of your life that are unclear or causing you frustration.

We will be working with the Spiritual (Family) Constellation principles developed through Bert Hellinger and partnering with the horses, who help us to see these obstacles more clearly as well as your artistic expressions created in the workshop.

Date:  23 October 2022
Times: 09h30-12h30
Venue: Outside
Contribution: R550 per person
Note: If you wish to experience a personal Constellation with the horses during the workshop, there is an extra charge of R400 for this. This can be decided before, or during the workshop. There are limited spaces for the constellation – if you wish to pre-book this for yourself the total is R950 (Workshop special). 

To book your space, follow this link 
23 October 2022 - here

Experience: No previous experience is needed. The workshop is NON ridden

Includes: Art supplies, tea/coffee, working with small herd of horses, plenty fresh air

Note: Private Consultations with the horses are also possible - email for more information.