Holistic Shop

The Ubuntu Healing Holistic Shop is a practical and physical tool to assist in tangible ways to bring mindfulness and harmony to the home. Buy one of our Holistic Toolkits focusing  on the 5 P’s for easy integration:

  • Pets, Plants, Places: Pop an Ubuntu toolkit in one in your water bowls, pot plants or a strategic place within the house. Choose between the
    • Flame toolkit for understanding and empathy
    • Spirit toolkit for communication and rapport
    • Aqua toolkit for Healing and compassion
    • Element Toolkit for energy and growth
  • Pieces: Jewellery and crafts
  • Natural healing Rooibos products & treats for all animals
  • Potions: Oils, teas, Cleansing, Detox – Coming Soon

For more information and to enquire about Holistic Shop Items, pop Anthea an email or WhatsApp/Telegram +27836558328.