Animal Communication

Ubuntu Healing Animal Communication

In essence, Animal Communication builds trust, understanding and cooperation between human and animal and is a wonderful insight for any household or relationship. Below are some of the ways Ubuntu Healing can improve the connection between you and your fur friend!

  • Understand your animal better through shared communication tools
  • Building a stronger bond
  • Pet integration into existing family dynamics or relocation
  • Behavioural & Emotional Issues:
    • Chewing, Barking, Aggression, Anxiety etc
  • Medical & Ageing Issues
    • Illness, Rehabilitation, Discomfort, Is it ‘time’?
  • Missing animals
  • Bereavement & grief support
  • Feedback on health, diet & well-being

For pricing click here, or for more details and to book an Animal Communication Constulation with Anthea, pop her an email or a WhatsApp/Telegram @ +27836558328.