Ubuntu Tales

Below is a modest selection of animal ‘tales’ shared by some of the Ubuntu Healing clients and their animal companions.

… Anthea has a gentle way with animals and they certainly react well to her, feeling they are safe and that she can be trusted …

Hercules, companion of C.R, South Africa

… She is a deeply caring professional who also supported me in understanding reasons behind my cat’s erratic behaviours, what he needs and doesn’t want …

Bandit, companion of GB, Sweden

… Honey has not cried or been over sensitve once since your Touch Therapy session, even when rough playing with the other dogs, so this has definitely helped …

Honey, welfare foster care companion of LH, South Africa

Anthea has been instrumental in the horse’s body healing. She has been accurate in picking up where Maya had tension & restrictions & been able to release many of these deep seated restrictions within a couple of sessions. I will always be grateful to Anthea for remaining postive about a tricky case, & trusting the healing process to unfold as & when it needs to

Maya, companion to KE, South Africa

… I loved getting the feedback and after the session Willow was back to her old self. I am so grateful to Anthea for her amazing ability to communicate with, and heal animals…

Willow, companion to M, South Africa

Anthea has worked on my cat, Sassy, & after each session we have seen a noticable change in Sassy’s demenour & movement. After several sessions Sassy is now able to jump more easily, & the best of all, she plays happily! My animals are very lucky to have someone like Anthea in their lives!

Sassy cat, comanion to KE, South Africa

We always love to hear from you and feedback on how you doing. So, if you have something to share, please get in touch with Anthea on email or contact her on WhatsApp/Telegram @ +27836558328.