Who Is Anthea

My name is Anthea Myburgh, and with a formal background in the African Tourism sector, my heart has always wanted to work with animals, and looking back it was in 2012 that Ubuntu Healing was conceived through my own journey with a ‘problem dog’, named Sofia.  Even though I was not aware of this at the time…

Sofia, was a ‘free minded & spirited’ Rottweiler – a little too much so, and our relationship had reached a point that either something drastic had to change, or she was to be rehomed… Having grown up on a farm with horses, dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits etc, the idea of giving Sofia away seemed like a defeat – and besides driving me crazy with her antics, she was a lovely dog.   A friend suggested Animal Communication, so being at my wits end (and a little sceptical) I contacted Wynter Worsthorne from Animal Talk Africa.  

This experience with Wynter helped so much and my relationship with Sofia turned around as we understood each other and all ‘the issues’ went away.  And my desire to learn Animal Communication was on fire – with Sofia becoming one of my biggest teachers on this journey.  It really feels like she guided me to this path, and she ‘crossed the Rainbow Bridge’ in the same month that I qualified as a professional Animal Communicator in June 2017 at the Animal Talk Africa Academy. 

This journey has been nothing short of incredible, with many twists and turns along the way.  Wynter would always say that to hear the animals we had to ‘work on ourselves’ – and it seems I took this rather seriously and in 2013 found Family Constellations, which brought much personal healing and without planning to, I found myself training in various alternative holistic modalities, including to work with Equine Facilitated Healing within this field.   

Then, having had some physical challenges with my own horses, I also found myself along the road of learning Fascia Trauma Release therapy for horses (and all animals/humans).  And this work has now developed into a Fascia Energy Healing, shown to me by my own animals and which I use both during remote consultations and as standalone treatments to assist healing in rehabilitation, mobility issues and poor health. 

The Munay-Ki Rites (Munay = Love) have also had a strong influence in my work as well as working with the Medicine Wheel.  

Whilst all these modalities appear very different, over time I have observed how they have merged, forming a complete way of working in all these avenues and how each supports the other.   A reminder (again) of how interconnected everything is.  

It has been over 10 years now that I have been on this journey, yet this still feels like only the beginning. Being an internal student, I am forever seeking to learn new skills through formal and informal training, and am grateful for every single heart who has acrossed my path.  In the true Ubuntu ethos, ‘I Am Because You Are’.

And I look forward to meeting many more hearts along the way, connecting, loving, and sharing in this incredible journey of Life, with joy in our hearts and our feet firmly on the ground.

Thank you for being part of my journey.

Visit the Ubuntu Owls page to learn more about the formal training that Anthea has done over the past decade.

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