Animal Consultations

My work is with all animals from small house pets to horses and larger animals, including those in the wild.

Animal Communication

Consultation @ R950 / US$95 / €85 

-> Email Feedback Report with answers to your questions (In-person and Zoom consultations are also possible) 
-> Body Scan to feel what the animal feels and share any points of concern
-> Distance Healing as guided by the animal**
-> Constellation/ancestral work as guided by the animal
-> Recommendations of any Bach Remedies or essences as guided by the animal
-> Follow up questions etc are welcome following a communication, and if necessary, a more in-depth 45-minute Zoom call will be R500 / US$50 
-> Missing Animals - this is evaluated on a case-by-case bases after the initial communication 

**Add Quantum Energy Fascia Healing - includes report @ R450 /€35 

Animal Family Consultations / Multiple Animals
A surcharge may apply when speaking with multiple animals in a family.  Family chats with animals can be similar as with humans and the quieter ones may not share as much, therefore to fully understand your animals uniqueness, a full consultation is always best.  

Quantum Touch Therapy

Horses (at stable yard) @ R650
Dogs & Cats (at your home) @ R550

-> Feedback from your animal on how they feeling in their body, and any other additional recommendations to support them.
-> Scanning your animal for energetic imprints, and energetic removal.
->  Guidance on practical tips that you can do daily to help your animal friend  – as guided by them and what emerges organically during our session.
-> Special rates are available for animals needing longer support and/or maintenance.  To be discussed on a case by case basis.

->  For the full benefits of this energy healing work, it is recommended to have at least 2-3 sessions, within 2-3 weeks of each other.   This will be discussed with you at the time and guided by what is felt from your animal friend.  
->  Stable Yards / Home visits – 10% discount each for 3 or more consultations at the location on the same day. 

Remote/Distance Quantum Fascia & Crystal Energy Healing
Quantum healing energy can be sent over distance and is not specific to being physically together.  Ideal for those who live far away or a follow up from an Animal Communication. 

Consultation @ R550 / US$55 / €45 

-> Detailed email report with feedback
-> Balancing of all the animal’s energy centres (Chakras) with crystals
-> Body Scan and feedback on what the animal is experiencing in their body.
-> Feedback from the animal on how to support their health and wellness.

Pet Constellations

Our animals form part of our family systems and sometimes when we find issues and unresolvable dynamics, then these can be revealed during a Constellation.   This is an opportunity to see what wants to be seen and take the necessary steps to move to a place of more flow and for healing to happen in the whole family system.   

Private Remote or Live Constellation @ R950 / US$95 / €85 / £75

Nitty Gritty

Giving Back
Our animals give so much, and those who end up in shelters and welfares probably have given the most.   Please contact me for more details about how I work with welfares and shelters.   Stable yards with hard working riding ponies or 'seniors' can also enjoy a free healing session when booking 3 or more full sessions on the same day.  
Pricing Notes
-> Pre-payment is required to secure your booking.
-> No refunds.
-> Travel fee applies if visiting out of Winelands/Helderberg.
-> If you need help for your animal, but are limited on finances, contact me and lets see how we can workout a mutually beneficial solution.   
Consultations For People
Please follow this link for the pricing of 'people services'.