People Consultations

My work is intuitive and based on many years of experience, both through formal and informal training.  The key focus of my services is to support you in reconnecting with yourself as well as Nature and through this for you to find a deeper connection in all of your life. 

Healing Touch Therapy

Healing Touch Therapy
Intuitive energy healing of your fascial system to re-awaken the body’s inherent ability to self-heal.  

First Session @ R550 
Follow Up Sessions @ R450 
DecaTen Sessions @ R3825 – for 10 sessions, to be used over a 5-month period & payable up front

->  1 Hour treatment in the privacy of your home, or a private nature location.   
->  Intuitive feedback on what is felt in your body and guidelines on ways to optimise your health.

Constellation Therapy

Family Constellation 
Systemic Family Constellations can help in resolving many of the challenges we currently face – see here for more information.   Constellations are possible online or in person, working privately or within a group (online).   The areas of my expertise include working with art and the horses with a Shamanic approach.

Private Consultations:
Online or Live Constellation @ R950 / US$95 / €85 / £75
Private Constellation with Horses @ R1250 (Winelands)

Duration is approximately 45 min - 1 hour. 

You are also invited to join one of our our monthly workshops - either 'live' with horses, or online to explore in a group dynamic.  To find out more, visit our monthly workshops page. 
Igniting Power Animals
Through a gentle process, working on the Constellation method this is a powerful experience to REconnect and ignite your inner animal wisdom. 

Online or Live Constellation @ R950 / US$95 / €85 / £75
Duration: 1½ Hour private consultation

Holistic Consultations

Alternative Healing
A private exploration either through Oracle cards, clearing of energetic imprints, guiding a process to clear your chakras, or even if you just need someone to witness you.  This is an open style consultation, working with what is present and to gain more clarity.

Online @ R650 / US$65 / €55 / £45
Duration: 45 minutes private consultation

Healing Packages

Self-Healing Mentorship 
Read more about this mentorship programme here, or feel free to make contact to chat about your individual needs.

3 Month Mentorship @ R2500 / US$250 / €220 / £190
6 Month Mentorship @ R4560 / US$450 / €395 / £350

-> Once a month online or in person connecting meeting – 1½ hour
-> Whatsapp/Telegram chat support
-> Working with a combination of modalities from art, Constellations, Oracle Cards and Nature
-> The mentorship programme is payable upfront, unless under exceptional cases an alternative agreement is agreed upon
Munay-Ki Rites
**Coming Soon**
Pricing Note
My philosophy has always been that healing is everyones birth rite, and in this light, if you are needing help with yourself or your animal/s, but do not have the financial means to cover a consultation, please contact me and we can work out something mutually agreeable.   We are living in unprecedented times and have all been affected in one way or another, and in the Ubuntu approach, we are all connected in one way or another in the bigger scheme.   
Consultations For Animals
Please follow this link for the pricing of 'animal consultations'.